The Best Dating Sites in Edmonton

The range of dating apps is bigger than ever and it can be difficult to navigate through the jungle of dating and flirting apps. In this article we will give you an overview of the best and most popular dating apps in Germany right now sex hookup website.

Modern fairy tales could start like this: "Once upon a time there was an unhappy single with cramps in his thumb ... but then he heard the wonderful and unmistakable tone of a match that told him he might not have to live his life alone after all." A lot of relationships namely start nowadays with a right swipe.

Below we introduce you to the dating and flirting apps that we think are the best. All apps that we have included in this overview can be downloaded for free and the basic version can be used free of charge, but you have to pay for additional functions.

We draw your attention to the fact that there are affiliate links on the page. This means that if you create a profile for one of the dating apps below, we will receive commission.

Tinder is one of the most famous and popular dating apps in the world. The king of dating apps, so to speak. Almost everyone knows what Tinder is. In 2015 around 50 million people worldwide and two million Germans were registered with Tinder and the number is increasing day by day, and not without reason.

Despite Edmonton being one of the largest cities in Canada, finding other singles and starting a conversation and asking for a date can still seem impossible and intimidating. If you are looking for someone to go to the West Edmonton Mall with for a date or to enjoy the historic fun at Fort Edmonton Park, online dating may be the answer. There many potential singles on sites like and EHarmony that are located right around the Edmonton area.

General Dating Sites
Best Dating Site in Edmonton

#1 is the best Dating site in Edmonton


One of the best sites to go to for a date is The questionnaire is short and takes only a few minutes to fill out. After filling out the survey, shows all potential singles who matched your survey responses and are online. This is great to find people to start talking to right away and schedule a date as soon as that night. you can upload your best photo and type a nice bio line that will let people know why you would be fun to go out with.

eHarmony in Edmonton

#2 EHarmony for true love


If you are looking for a long term relationship, is known to match people who stay partners for the rest of their lives. The personality questionnaire is much longer than the one you will find on but this is simply to cut down on the number of people users will have to go out with and get to know and instead find their soul mate right away. EHarmony bases their questions and matching on years of clinical experience and research and says their method is more scientific and proven to work than any other dating site.

Senior Dating Sites

#1 Senior Dating


Many people do not look into online dating because they are worried they will not be able to find the right type of person. This often happens with people of certain religions or seniors who believe dating sites are filled with young romantics only. Although a senior citizen of Edmonton could go to the Edmonton Seniors Activity Center, has filters for age preference that make dating other seniors very possible. There are also filters for religions and sites that are for singles looking to date people only of a certain religion.

Faith based Dating Sites

#1 Christian and Jew Dating


One site that is for religious singles is Christian Mingle is a site for singles who have already devoted their life to God and now looking for a partner who has done the same. There are millions of singles online now at Christian Mingle, and thousands of those are specifically located in Edmonton. whether you are living in the Capital Boulevard Area or close to Legislature Grounds, you are most likely to find your christian or jewish match easily online.


#2 Muslim Dating


Another option for people looking for a specific religion is There are approximately 50,000 other Muslims in Edmonton, thousands of which are searching for a partner on right now. only allows Muslims such as Sunni, Shia and Sufi Muslims to create profiles. This is great for Muslims only interested in dating other Muslims.

International Dating

#1 International Dating


Finding someone to date in Edmonton with all of these resources should be very easier. However, many people are interested in dating internationally. Whether you want to meet someone from America, China, Australia or anywhere else is a great site to try out. This site allows you to email, instant message and video chat with potential matches and it is even available on your mobile device! Whatever you are looking for in your future partner, you can find them with these online dating sites and tools. If you have given up on finding love in Edmonton give it another try and sign up on one of these sites today. Age, religion, interests and origin is never a problem with all of the filters available on the dating sites. Make sure to send us your feedback and tell us what you think about the dating sites listed above, and hope enjoy dating in Edmonton the Festival City soon.

Asian Dating Sites
Asian Dating in Edmonton

#1 is Perfect for Asian Dating in Edmonton


Asian women are considered by many to be the most gorgeous females in the world. They are petite, raven-haired beauties that often have a lot of loyalty and love for the man who can get them to commit. You can find your Asian lover today in Edmonton if you know where to look. For the most plentiful population of beautiful women hailing from this ethnicity, searching online is your best bet. Finding attractive Asian women online can be a challenge; however, there are two dating websites that may change your romantic luck for the better. is one website that features a lot of Asian female members in Edmonton. You can filter out all women of a different ethnicity in's helpful search bar so you only see the Asians in your area. However, if this method does not get you enough results, there is another highly successful website you can try. is by far the greatest website for men who want to find only the very best Asian women. You can discover millions of pretty Asian girls from all over the world, particularly those living in Edmonton and other parts of Canada. Many of these girls have such a passion for steamy love and romance that they will come to you from all over. Search for the finest and prettiest young Asian women now using