Edmonton Dating sites tips

Meeting someone new online can be exciting especially when you find you have a lot in common with them and engaging conversations. Online dating opens many doors for people such as making meeting new people easier and taking the pressure off of starting conversation with strangers you meet day to day. There are so many reasons why online dating is a great thing, however if you aren’t careful it can be dangerous. By taking the proper precautions you can protect yourself from being abused; mentally and physically.

A very popular issue with online dating that has been popping up in Edmonton is called “catfishing.” This is when someone uses someone else’s identity on dating sites and online profiles and starts relationships with people using this false identity.
Often, the goal of a catfisher is to make you fall in love with them and give them all of you attention. Catfishers tend to be people who have had a rough time in life and need extra attention. It is very common that they will have multiple relationships going and let them continue for many years.

Have you tried inviting your online significant other to the West Edmonton Mall or the Winspear Centre and anywhere else in Edmonton you can think of for a first date and they can never make it? Never second guess your gut if you feel that something may be wrong in your online relationship. Try asking for a photo of them holding a specific object, such as a piece of paper with your or their name written on it. If they are offended by the request, odds are they are a catfisher.

If you suspect you are being catfished and the other person is refusing to meet you or send a specific picture to prove their identity notify the police. You should break off the relationship immediately and turn to friends, family or counseling for support. True love will find its way, and if someone truly loves you they will not hide who they are.
On the other hand, many people that are on online dating sites like to move things very fast and usually this is a bad sign. Not long ago, a young Edmonton woman was killed by the man she was dating online. The internet is filled with predators and if it is necessary singles searching online for love take precautions to prevent putting themselves in danger.

Predators will try to be as nice as they can and make the person they are talking to feel like they are a friend to talk to. However, most predators are very controlling and rush the relationship in order to meet you faster. Always take the relationship at your own pace and when meeting someone from the internet for the first time, meet in a public place and with friends. This keeps you safe and lets you see how your potential match acts around your friends.

Never let yourself feel pressured in a relationship. Dating online should be a fun and exciting experience. Stay smart and listen to your gut if you feel uncomfortable with something.